Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Betrayal

About us Malays. We readily chastise ourselves, flagellate even. We are apologetic (the PM even). We protect their rights, meet their demands even, and shy from the truth even, just so we could safeguard their feelings (the cause of 13th May 1969) to accommodate them and for what? 
There is no need for gratitude, that's asking for too much still, a little appreciation would go a long way. That is all.  That would be good enough.  
However, much to our chagrin, that didn't happen. Far from it, instead of appreciation these people in fact misconstrue all sincere effort and goodwill as signs of weakness and acts of desperation. They reject the PM’s call for 1M'sia. They disdained his desire and appeal for inclusiveness. They regarded it with revulsion.   MCA and GERAKAN were despised as lackeys of UMNO. They threw in the trash bin BN’s goodwill.

Thus the slogan, Ini Kalilah and Ubah, was joyously and ardently taken up, especially by their youth. They were confident they would win. So, the betrayal. They lost.   
Now they take to holding demonstrations because they can't believe they were defeated and can't accept it. And their leaders foist on their supporters all sorts of lies and foibles in order to cause public mayhem.  
A lesson that must be learnt, is that our electorate are as susceptible and gullible to lies and outright slander as ever if not even more so. The Chinese especially are easily contaminated by the DAP’s hate mongering. And so many cast their votes very much based on racial sentiments, prejudice, bias and irrational emotion.  
Statements like, voters are wiser now, voters are better educated, voters are mature and will not be misled, voters are more informed, voters can make better judgments, voters wont be easily duped etc. is now proven untrue for a large number of them. 
The last election is proof that voters more readily believe outright lies and without hesitation too, than call on their better judgment.
One very clear example is the lie about the 40,000 Bangladeshi voters flown in by BN which has now been openly denied by the Bangladesh Embassy at a press conference. The other outright lie is about the blackout, which never happened. 
The Red Bean Army were the instruments contrived for perpetrating these lies and many more other lies upon lies. The DAP, especially, basked in it because the success of the lies was a glorious victory to them. 
I think Singapore, observing closely the progress of our elections, learnt from our experience and took the necessary pre emptive measure to make users of such media responsible and accountable in that city state.

I do think it's alright for us to take this cue from our Southern neighbor, the government that is, and apply it in our country too, ASAP.

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